Weird Tricks To Feel More Confident.

Confidence is something a lot of us struggle with and when you are in an uncomfortable situation when you really need it most, that presentation, that interview, meeting new friends, Getting on a date right when you need it most, that’s when it disappears. Similar to finding the perfect pair of jeans, confidence is not easy to find.

However there is nothing much to stress about, we all feel anxious and less confident from time to time while facing difficult situations. You just need a little more confidence to help you overcome those difficult situations. Depending on the situation you might be confident while playing that sport and unconfident when meeting new people.

Confidence is essential for growth and turning thoughts into action. In the event that you don’t put stock in yourself, how might others have faith in you? Just remember that confidence is a feeling of how we feel about ourselves and just like the feelings it can be manipulated by using weird tricks in daily life.
The prettiest thing you can wear is confidence
Blake Lively.

So, here are the following Weird tricks to Feel more confident and power past insecurities and self-doubts the next time you need a little boost.

Change Your Posture (Straighten up):

We generally think about our body language as being the reflection of our thoughts and feelings but as it turns out the opposite is also true. According to research changing your posture and straighten up can lead to more confidence in your own feelings and thoughts.

And Indeed taking a power posture can keep both your self-esteem and mood lifted, which can give you a quick boost of confidence if you need it.
Take a moment and try from the following:

Breathe deep and stand tall with your shoulders back.

Place your hands on your waist with your elbows flared out.

Open up your chest and Pick your head up.

Hold it for a few seconds.

By following this simple procedure before any important task can have a significant effect on your internal dialogue and boost up the confidence in almost any situation.

Listen to bass-heavy music ( Jam out):

Cranking up the heavy music can do great things for the upliftment of your inner self. It might annoy you but listening to heavy bass songs can promote more feeling of performance upliftment and confidence compared to low bass music. Recent research suggests that the job-interview candidate who listened to heavy-bass music ended up clearing the interview with better performance.

However, this effect is prominent with any music which provides powerful vibes of heavy music as it is all about the bass. So just jam out, pop up some headphones and listen to the heavy-bass music before any important task and just nailed it.

Talk To Yourself:

Talking to yourself might seem insane, but it works. It can help to enhance your mind power, help you focus, increase your efficiency and performance, and make you smarter. Use positive self-talk for a short span of time, This positive self-talk can any of the following which will help you to generate confidence and burn the obstacles down.

I have all the skills, I just need to prove myself who the real player is.

There is no one better than me.

Today I will show them what I have Got.

I have Greatness in me.

However, sometimes the scenario might be very tough and it will become so hard to go with the flow. So, take some time off and write down some powerful phrases that help you to boost your confidence again. When you become mentally tough than in any situation that might arise your response will always go to be positive. It helps you to override fears and helps to deal with anxiety.

Groom Yourself (Spray on a scent):

Grooming yourself and spray on a scent will lift your mood with upliftment and helps you to become a Fictional Confident character. This might be the best tricks to feel more confident in a few minutes without any effort. Groom yourself might be obvious but when you need some extra confidence then it is essential to have a bit of makeup or haircut.

The goal is not to look better for others but it is about looking better to yourself. For instance, you are going to give a presentation or your examination then just by looking a little bit of pleasure you may feel more confident, giving you the boost you need to perform the task efficiently.

However, Grooming yourself is essential but spray on a favorite fragrance will make you smell so nice which will take your confidence to a whole different level. It will help you to inspire confidence and more the fragrance you get the more confident you might feel.

Remember a powerful moment or Find a joke to keep on hand:
Remember a powerful moment means doing a visualization of your past achievements which will help you to boost your confidence or make you feel more powerful.

For instance, visualize yourself any of the achievements like getting a higher rank or why you started this journey, or just imagine yourself how great you are going to be. This will help to overcome all the obstacles and enhance your confidence level.

If you don’t want to visualize due to any of the circumstances then on a better note find a joke and keep it on hand. Use this joke with someone when you feel nervous. It doesn’t matter if someone does not laugh their heart out but they will at least let out some chuckles and guzzles. It will help you to feel cooler about yourself and get rid of the nervousness.

Crack a Smile:

Cracking a smile for no reason might look crazy, but it provides the emotions which get affected to the brain and help us to feel better. Cracking a smile to no one but our own self helps to instantly boost our confidence.

Research suggests that the effects of cracking a smile are not just external but internal too. It can help remove the feelings of stress and provide a more relaxed feel. So, whenever your confidence is low, try cracking a smile and see how the magic happens.

Try these weird confident tricks the next time you are lacking the confidence levels and you will surely be amazed by seeing the difference between simple tricks. Practice some of these tricks over and over again in whatever situation you want to feel more confident in until you get the desired result.