Cries from the country for the soldiers martyred is continuously turning us into deaf. This crying is so loud that what can just stop it is the bell of justice. The justice that would not come just only by crying and moaning on their death. But this would come if we stand and fight against this terrorism giving them the harsh blow.

The terrorism has no end if we playing our part do not stand against it. This crime cannot be left without punishment. Terrorism has compelled the countries to be in the state of war. There used to be a common belief that we need to stop the terrorism and we did not think that any particular nation is responsible for it but this attack has made it so clear that the other nation is supporting the terrorists. They do not care for the lives of the people living in both countries. There is no place for humanity there.
There are views from the different parts of the country that Pakistan needs to be attacked. This is not because India has always been wanting to do that but due to the continuous attacks the country is facing and losing its soldiers. The life of the soldiers is precious over any other thing. It is the real time to show the feeling of patriotism for the whole nation. Protest against the attack should continuously go on so that no person in the country should forget the circumstances and inhuman attack our martyred soldiers have faced. What situations their families are facing because of terrorism. If not now then never the country can take the revenge of being in such a state. Unlike any other earlier terrorist attacks, this attack has greater importance because this time there were no grudges recently in phase with Pakistan. The attack took place because the opponents think that we were so human will not give a counter-attack to them. Unfortunately this time India will give a perfect counter-attack which will be remembered tillages. They should realise what India can bring to them if they try to play with the dignity of the country. Unlike all the other protests this one holds so great importance that it will not just by removing profile pictures or by posting certain sad posts on social media by the citizens. This time it is a lot more than that. Today our nation stands united for a noble cause. Even the government has given the liability to The Indian Army to decide what kind of treatment should the country adopt for Pakistan. Moreover, there is no justification from their side.
There are more phases to this state. Even the other countries are supporting India on this because the attack was so inhuman. There will be a total boycott of Pakistan in the upcoming days if it exists. Here living in the country if any celebrity or any political leader is making anti-national comments then the country is totally ready to boycott them as well. The superpowers of India that we see during the parade on Republic Day are for these kinds of attacks. It is high time to show them the real powers that we hold and which is enough to destroy them. We were lenient towards them because since the time of Mahatma Gandhi we also believed in non-violence. But now what the country wants is more and more surgical strikes so as to save the nation from further attacks from their side. There is still a fact to notice and inform that Pakistan has nothing to do with the Muslims living in the country. There were some soldiers who were Muslims too. They are also going through the same state as we are. So because of all these terrorist attacks, there should be no differences between the Hindus and Muslims living in India. Rather it is the time to stay united so that our country should stand strong against Pakistan.

United India against terrorist attack


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