Top Ways to Making money online

Making money online has become a very prominent method to earn the livelihood and also to earn it utilizing your spare time. It is growing common among people. This way is one of the most comfortable ways to earn money and is handy for those who cannot go out for seeking jobs. It is also suitable for students who want to do a part time home based job.
Not only students but also housewives can earn money using this and can make handcraft materials and sell them online. If someone is good at cooking food then selling recipes can be a very good option. Those who do embroidery can sell out their products. And for all this, there are many websites online to sell out your things.

Top Ways to Making money online
              If you possess writing skills then what you can do is write content for the websites online. You may also create your website and your own blog. It is also very common to know you can also earn money online by writing your e-book and publish it online. Now here are some ways to make money online.

You become a freelance blogger
You can become a freelance writer
PTC sites can make you earn
Online surveys can let you make money online
Captcha solving
Searching website
Affiliate marketing can make you earn
Large marketplace
By selling products online
Google AdSense
Online micro jobs
Social media(Facebook)
Get paid to install an app
Earn by selling your old books
Get paid to find coupons
Earn by slimming down
Scan your groceries and earn money
Build your own forum in just a few minutes and earn money
MMO Forums

Sell your talent to make money
Make money by stock photography
Self publish with Kindle to make money
Become a YouTuber
Giving advice via telephone/SMS
Art and crafts
Tech support

Freelance Blogger

Freelance blogger is one who writes articles online for the websites those needs to update their website. It is a prominent way to make money online and is one of the best ways. Blogging is simply a website which contains experiences and opinions of writers. Articles usually expressed in the form of text, pictures, and videos.

           Blogging can also make you send your products online through it. This can let you earn money and also lets you express your opinion and thoughts. The subject of the article can be politics, fashion, hobbies, religion, relationship, products or personal routine of a blogger. 

Live Journal
The live journal provides services for journals, blogs with privacy options, publishing tools, and online communities for many interests.

You can post anything from here and also write anything that you love.
It is a software that manages free blogs. It makes use of software developers.
It is also a web software like Here you can create your own blog or website. It is using Word Press theme with the domain.

Freelance writing

Freelance writing is also a good way to make money online. It also saves time. It is a lot similar to freelance blogging. Though these are similar but not same. There is a difference between freelance writing and freelance blogging.

     The freelance writer works for only a few hours a day. They can handle much work at a time and also improve their writing skills. It totally depends upon the choice of the writer what kind of work they want to do.

Associated Content

Here money can be made by uploading your own written content. They pay you for the number of views on your post. The more views you get the more money you earn..

Demand Media

This is an application based freelance writing. They pay their writers $5-$15 for each article they write for this web site.

Here using this you can earn writing financial stories. So if you can write stories then utilize the skill for your good and make money online suitably.

London Brokers
If you do not write professionally but still want to start writing and improve your writing skills. Then this platform is only meant for people like you. Here they do not need any professional writer but only they want is the person should be a native on different categories like health,
English speaker.
Here the people are hired based on their writing on the topics of different types such as health, education, social issues, technology and so on.

Need an article

It is an article providing services that provide different categories articles like SEO optimized articles, technical writing, business writings and so on.

Seeking Alpha

Here you are paid for the articles that are being given by them. It can be any random topic not on any particular category.

Writers Domain

Here professional writers are basically hired to write the blogs. So if you are a professional one then join writer domain and start to make money online.