The virtual world

Children today are becoming so engrossed in the virtual world that they have lost their connection with reality.

The virtual world is said to be a computer-simulated environment that allows interactions are mostly through a visual, textual or graphic medium by the user.

The things here may appear quite similar to the real world but it is actually an unreal world of fantasy. Since it is totally impersonal thus the communication or interaction with the user is only on the text, graphics, visual and voice terms.

This virtualization not only provides us entertainment but also it also gives numerous benefits which have made our lives quite easier than ever. It has given us freedom so that we can enhance our knowledge and understanding of different kinds of subjects.

It also gets us the knowledge which makes them aware of all the latest developments happening around the globe. The audiovisual and interactive methods of presentation are an effective tool in providing education, thereby converting the most boring subjects interesting for the children.

The use of virtual tools also simulates learning and retention, which cannot be achieved by the traditional method of reading a book. The traditional method of reading books consumes time and it becomes quite tedious also to manage all the pages.

The concept of virtualization also offers tremendous scope for entertainment, through online movies, computer games, etc. The online games usually try to showcase and create an environment which is quite similar to the real world with some unusual rules and real-time action.

The actions that are portrayed on the screen like the car chase or for that matter hunting or shooting provide thrill and excitement which will make children spend hours before the computer screen. The latest movies that are to be accessed online are another source of distraction.

This obsession with living in their virtual world makes them lose their connection with reality. They live in a world of fantasy and ignoring the realities of life. This adversely affects their academics, social life, and also personality development. It often leads to serious physiological and behavioral and problems later in life.

The virtual world is not only restricted to games but also encompasses access to networking sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, and others. These sites are the ones that promote socialization and helps in staying connected with friends across the globe.

However, this also makes a distraction for children from their studies. Unscrupulous elements are also there like using fake IDs are known to use such sites to misguide or attract children into criminal activities which often ruin their future.

Being involved in the virtual world, children are known to get addicted to it. This addiction leads to severe insecurities and nervousness when it is denied success even also for a short duration.

The highest exposure to all this promotes quite materialism and violent behavior which can prove disastrous. Being so much accustomed to living in a world of fantasy which is a complete variation with reality. They find it a bit difficult to develop an interpersonal relationship with all those friends and colleagues.

There are numerous cases of teenagers who meet a quite tragic end by constraining themselves in relationships that rely on untruth and fraud. There are others who always meet so struggling fate trying to emulate superheroes witnessed in the virtual world like Spiderman or others.

Other than all this, the children who are studying through the modes of presentation or internet are not developing with the right facilities. They at early age should practice and study through pen and paper rather than studying through such modes. This hinders their proper growth.

The virtualization gets them addicted as well as laziness too. The children are so prone to becoming procrastinated. The early methods of education and facilities comprising of books and notebooks are quite better than the virtual methods.

Factually the unreal virtual world can never substitute for real-life experiences. Children who grow in a real-life environment with natural things around like grass, trees, sticks, stones, ponds, and friends as the basic raw materials required to live life are more practical and realistic as well. One cannot just expect children to understand and appreciate the reality where they have already been so much exposed to the artificial virtual world.

There is, therefore, the need for parents to set an example for themselves by spending no time online. Besides this, they should also exercise parent control on the children by installing control devices, which prohibit access to inappropriate content and limit the time children spend in the virtual environment. This would improve their wholesome personality by not only augmenting their learning.