The Need for Tolerance
The Need for Tolerance

There are almost two things which any human cannot tolerate and that is “Racial prejudice and Blacks”. Intolerance not only refers to racial prejudices, religious fanaticism, and class or gender discrimination but also it comes in the subtler form of impatience, quick temper, or even physical aggression to achieve a goal or acquire an object of one’s fancy.

The goal can surely be attempting to get a lead from others in a traffic jam or maybe trying to board a packed train or bus. The objective can also be any other thing too- can be something so trivial as any food item, a toy, or newspaper.

The result showing one’s way into a crowded lift at work instead of waiting for that in any queue. We can go home shouting at Mom or the wife if the dinner is not ready on time and vehemently arguing with any friend or colleague who subscribes to a different opinion or philosophy to one’s people.

The people who are intolerant are unable to endure even the slightest inconvenience whether it be physical or intellectual- caused by any other human being.

This remains an issue that if the other person is actually at fault or not. Becoming impatient and yelling one’s head off, getting into a huff, or getting someway physical are certainly not very good ways of responding to these inconveniences.

A better method or technique would be to find out why a person or a situation has caused you inconvenience. Ironically you yourself will find that it was you only who was exaggerating the situation or maybe even initiating the events in succession that disturb you.

In such circumstances, it would be more beneficial to help yourself first so that others can help you better. If you are not to blame anywhere along the line then going deeper into the problems other face will help you to understand their difficulties and will ask you to sympathize with them and endure your ‘ordeals’ more graciously. Doing this extra detective work will also help you to help them find a practical solution to their troubles which they are facing.

If in case none of these tricks work despite your good efforts and intentions, then one should realize that people will be people and that they are what they are because of the type of upbringing that they have had. Try to realize that if you were also born in those identical circumstances and with an identical upbringing then you would almost certainly be very similar to the way they are now.

Therefore, try to be lenient on the other personality rather than their human faults and ineptness in their actions. Remember, their intentions are not bad, only what is wrong with them is their management. We should also realize that we all have our own faults which others also have to tolerate. They may not be in the same situation where we get irritated but they are in the areas which irritate them. Therefore be strict and demanding not to the people around but actually to yourself.

Try to adopt an eye of optimism towards others. Try to become completely adaptable and thoroughly flexible. This will be your strength. For now, at least try to accept the situation the way it is. Don’t fight it but just reform it. The easiest way of reforming any situation is the way of reforming oneself.

To make oneself perfect is the first but it is the probably used method to make the world perfect. People seem to have calculated that converting six billion people is quite easier than converting oneself. Those who achieve perfection see what is perfect in others. Imperfections around one certainly object facts, but one perceives them only because one is imperfect oneself. Isn’t this something we all take cognizance of?

Isn’t this something that should worry us more? We start worrying about the deficiencies of our bank account, health, education, and career but we overlook the greater, deeper and serious deficiencies of our mind and soul. This is the tragedy of human intellect. The human creature is only engrossed only looking at the imperfections of the external world but also does not look within to see the perfections or imperfections of the world within.

So let us all give up our misdirected efforts in order of trying others to change. If they feel like changing themselves then this thirst of adopting a change should come from within them. As there is a proverb saying, “You can take the horse to water but you cannot make him drink that.” But yes we can inspire him if we start to drink it first.


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