The donation comes fruitfully with deceased organs in surgery

The authority of Govt. and private hospitals including doctors regained to sync the facility to transplant the organs like kidneys, liver, heart and skin and cornea as a deceased young aged 20 years got admitted into the CMRI hospital on last Thursday and there the doctor declared him that his brain was dead. “After five years of time, this was one more instance regarding deceased organ donation in Kolkata in this year and this attempt made the incident 14th instance in the history of Kolkata,” one doctor told. As a result of that, three corridors were opened to transport hearts, liver, and kidneys from CMRI hospital.
The patient was named Kajal Sarkar who got into the hospital after getting injured by his own bike on NH6 dated on December 17. Sajal Sarkar was the resident of Kolaghat, a student of and when his family members knew that his brain was dead, they consented to donate his organs for some good purpose. The doctors and surgeons from three different hospitals like medical college and Hospital, SSKM and Apollo hospital and used kidneys, liver, and heart back via three green corridors after harvesting the organs for a specified time. His skin and cornea are kept in preservation under the supervision of SSKM Hospital.
After heart harvesting by a team of four surgeons, a medical team conducted by Plaban Mukhopadhyay transplanted the heart into the body of a person aged 40 years of age and the patient was suffering from dilated cardiomyopathy for a long time. One of the kidneys was given to the patient aged 47 years at CMRI and the other one was given to 55 years old one at Apollo hospital. The liver was given to a patient aged 38 years at SSKM hospital. “we are very happy donating all the three organs as we will not get back my nephew but come to know that his organs are used for good purposes.” Said Sanjoy Das, Sajal’s uncle.