Remote Desktop Software is extensively taken into use to control PCs from anywhere using an iOS, Windows or Android devices.
Since decades the users have demanded the team viewer as a remote desktop software which has made it famous worldwide. But there are many constraints using this as remote software. It is a bit difficult for the use of those people who are just the beginners. Before being started, it requires proper configurations. And if the configurations fail to be done properly then the privacy of the user is endangered. In addition to this Teamviewer is not at all free because if it is being used regularly for any business purposes then a hefty price is to be paid by the user.

Here certain alternatives are given.
It is again a widely used remote desktop tool which is invAny desk Anydesk Software GmbH. It simply provides access to PCs through remote which can easily be installed on Windows, MacOs, Linux and Free BSD.
This provides user to access said computers both from personal computers and from iOS and Android mobile devices.
Splashtop which was earlier named as Splashtop Remote belongs to a family of remote desktop support software solutions which was developed by Splashtop Inc. Splashtop helps users to connect and control computers from desktop and Android mobile devices. Despite other products which use the Remote Desktop Protocol, Splashtop Remote uses an effective protocol which is competent of delivering real-time video and audio to the remote user at low latency at 60 or more frames per second. The products should establish connections between devices connected to a variety of networks such as wifi,3G or 4G.No proximity between devices is required.
It is simple and minimized solutions for remote desktop control and meetings.
It is light and easy and it is constituted by a single executable file which is very small and doesn’t need any installation thus it is really fast and dummy proof. There is no need to configure it. Supremo uses a powerful data transfer protocol that does not require any internet router or firewall configuration. It is business proof because it is safe and can be reliable. All thanks to AES 256 bit encryption and supports the IT management console. It is also UAC compliant. Supremo can also be customized with the brand or logo. It is also free for personal use while in order to access the remote servers for commercial purposes subscription is needed.

4.Chrome Remote Desktop
This allows a user to remotely access the other computers using chrome browser or a Chromebook. Computers are available on a short-term basis for certain scenarios such as ad-hoc remote support or also can be used on a long-term basis for remote access to the applications and files. It provides full security to all connections.
Chrome Remote Desktop is fully cross-platform. It provides remote assistance to Windows, MacOs, Linux and Linux users or accesses your Windows(XP and above) and Mac(OSX10.6 and above) desktops at any time, all from chrome browser on virtually any device including chrome books.

5.Connect wise control
It is the lightning-fast remote control solution for quicker resolution and more satisfied clients. It is a self-hosted remote desktop software application owned by Tampa, Florida based software developer connect wise Inc.that supports remote and remote meeting capabilities. This was originally developed by Elsinore Technologies in 2008 under the name screen connect.
6.Lite Manager
It is one of the best programs for administration of Windows-based computers. The programs that allow working simultaneously on several computers with certain remote access modes. A wide range of tools for the process males Lite Manager a trustworthy solution for hanging organizations of any scale. It allows the user to control one device via other devices. The user can also see the remote computer’s desktop in the opened window and can be controlled with the mouse and the keyboard.