The agricultural issue brings a new Government in Rajasthan


The New Government in Rajasthan comes in power holding the way of an agricultural issue. Before the new Government associated by Congress party, farmer under the BJP Government could not be able to get their fertilizer, seeds and even any equipment at a reasonable price. For that kind of difficulties, they made a huge number of protests against the BJP Government and moreover a group of farmers came on the road and made long time starvation (onoshon) but their efforts did not come in a fruitful way. As a result of that, all the farmers and men in the business or profession created a bond against the BJP Government just to change their government at the next election. In meantime, some leaders in Congress including Rahul Gandhi came to each and every person and made a hopeful promise. Even in each and every popular area, they made some rallies and threw a bunch of hopeful promises. Each and every supporter with their combined efforts made the meeting with people in Rajasthan and disclosed various matters like GST, issue of Aadhar card, sudden change of currency notes and many more. Now the time, all the people in Rajasthan have made themselves satisfied with their new government.