Section 377: An Issue or a Blessing

Section 377 in the Indian penal code was to criminalize sexual activities against the order of nature. As an explanation, it was for LBGT under which those who come under this category were not permitted to get married to the sex to whom they are attracted. It was illegal in the country. As the world is developing day by day and according to different countries these kind of laws were not mandatory to be made because these people are also humans and have their personal life. It is natural and hormone-based thing. Nobody can make it right. Thus the petitions were made against this in the Indian Supreme Court which resulted in the abolishment of this law imposed on the people of this category. By the year 2018 this law is abolished and now the transgender is also liable to marry one of their own choices. This abolishment of this law was like a blessing to these people because now they are free in many ways, it can grant them wisdom and power in the society as well. But unfortunately, just law cannot manipulate the mentality of the people living in the country.
It feels really disappointing to say the society still treats them the way they used to do earlier because for them nothing has changed. They regard them as the same untouchable beings or the ominous ones. They are still abused and treated. This is not a matter of great surprise because we live in the country where though it is being written in the constitution that India is a secular nation but yet we are facing issues related to religion, caste and creed. Then what can we expect by abolishing any law made in the Indian Penal Code? The removal of section 377 would not grant transgender the mental happiness they still have to face the same problems as they used to in the prior period.
The people who balking to the category are still insecure of disclosing their correct gender because they know the consequences, they are scared of the treatment they will be given when known. Though in the many parts of the country people have become modern and have successfully come out of the conservative treatment still the things are not same across the country and rights should be given to all not only to the people living in commercial cities. People use abusive languages and they use those words as foul words for degrading other people and people get offended being called like that. For them being called as a transgender is a matter if great disrespect. For them it is an insult, for them sitting and making friends with these people is a big issue. And if some people naturally don’t care about such norms of the society then they are also regarded as mannerless. People belonging to this category are still not empowered as the other genders and are still facing the problems. Not only these people are facing a scenario in the social world but also in the corporate sector. This is really happening that transgender is not awarded with jobs because of their sex and are deprived of employment in a way. It may also happen sometimes that are fired from their jobs even. Because of this behavior parents also start hating their child if he belongs to this category, they even do not even want to disclose the gender of their child and treat their own child in an insulting manner.

If the country wants to grow so every individual has to grow their mentality for overcoming the stage of no growth. In addition to this, the sustainable development can only be gained when the state of social achievement will be reached and removing caste barriers and gender barriers will prove as a boon to the development of the country. Thus by abolishing such laws, nothing can be changed but only things will be made legal. No one can change our mind until we ourselves change it.