Sara Ali Khan confessed about her wish to marry Ranbir Kapoor

The debutant of the movie Kedarnath Ms. Sara Ali Khan confessed about her wish to marry Ranbir Kapoor at the very loved show Koffee with Karan. In the last episode, she graced the couch with her father Saif Ali Khan, Saif himself said that Sara had a crush on Ranbir  Kapoor for a long time. In the show when she was asked about her celebrity crush Saif and Sara both agreed about her crush on Ranbir. The episode was lit because she is not the only actress who confessed about her crush on the actor but prior to this Alia Bhatt even confessed that she had a crush on Ranbir and have always been wanting to date Ranbir Kapoor. Ranbir Kapoor is actually regarded as a heartthrob in the truest sense of the word. Her wish to marry Ranbir Kapoor was not that astonishing because we are all well versed with charm and glamour Ranbir Kapoor holds. But when Saif Ali Khan’s and Amrita Singh’s daughter Sara Ali Khan confessed about her wish then we could barely blame her.

When during promotions she was asked about her confession, it just looked as if she was not very much loyal to what she said. She during the promotions of her debut movie Kedarnath specifically denied that her crush for Ranbir Kapoor had already taken a back seat a long time ago. The debutant in explanation to this clearly stated that her father Saif Ali Khan knew that she had a crush on Ranbir Kapoor long time ago but he was not aware of the fact that she now no longer crush him. But when during the show she was asked about it then she could hardly deny what her father said because that was also true but not completely. According to her though she wanted to marry him previously crushes change from time to time and in that way her attraction for him also reduced by the time. Now she actually does not want to date or even marry Ranbir Kapoor. In addition to this media also started connecting Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor because once Alia Bhatt said the same about her wish to date Ranbir and now they are dating each other.

She moreover added that after Ranbir Kapoor she holds a crush on actor Kartik Aryan and would probably want to date him. She said that she loved the way he acted in Sony ki Tweety ki Sweety and according to her he also looked cute. She accepted that her crush on actor Kartik Aryan is not lost yet. When radio jockey Mallishka on her show asked her about it. She confessed the same and Mallishka on this said she would definitely send her pictures to Kartik Aryan. In response to this Sara Ali Khan said that don’t actually send her pictures to him instead send him her address. This statement encouraged the grinning from ear to ear about Sara’s crush on Kartik Aryan.

The two interviews of Sara Ali Khan revealed about her wish and her secret crush on the actors Ranbir Kapoor which could not last much and also on Kartik Aryan that has not taken a back seat yet. The eyes are upon the box office collection of her debut movie  Kedarnath where she is acting against the actor Sushant Singh Rajput.