Open Up Your Heart To God
Open Up Your Heart To God

Doesn’t matter if your allegiance is towards science, philosophy, religion, a cult, or even superstition, there is definitely a kind of feeling or any conviction that there is something of very high energy that already persists around us.

This high energy can be something from a deeper principle or a sovereign superpower that is into the role in the whole universe. This power also maintains the physical power that is around us. In fact, the conclusion here is inescapable.

You may either call it nature or call it “God”. It hardly makes any difference. This is something that all people believe in this existence. All these Sadhu and Sanyasis try to experience this superpower by meditation, prayers, devotion, service, or austerity.

The top scientists of the world are trying to glimpse his inner logic by making use of telescopes, microscopes, or supercomputers.

They have also assigned a name to the research as “Theory of Everything”. This is quite appropriate. 0nce ’Swami Narayana’ said that “When I press my toe against this earth, the earth and the millions of planets like it in the cosmos undulate in their positions.” Yes, a toe, a God’s toe- is the answer to everything that happens in this universe!

When we talk and look into the moral front, belief in God’s existence has become indispensable for the effective function of human civilization. The material universe alone also cannot provide us with all those ethics that are required for orderly, or amenable life.

As evolutionist Charles Darwin himself lamented. The universe would simply decree “Survival of the strongest, most devious and scheming animal”.

Gross survival would be the only good left and death would be the only evil. There would be absolutely no rules. Amassing wealth, power and status would be the only virtue. Humility, economy, equality, and charity would be the only virtue. Humility, economy, equality, charity, and sacrifice would be the only sins.

As the illustrious German philosopher, Immanuel Kant clearly demonstrated in his Moral Argument, without God’s existence or in life after death nothing would matter. There would be no existence of things such as good or bad.

If you go and plunder a village or ransack any city or embezzle someone’s money and build yourself a palace, you will have not done anything immoral. This is the perverse equation of the universe when you are bereft of spiritual input. It is also the formula that Hitler used to follow in his time to hitmen.

There are also tremendous scientific grounds for the belief in the supreme creator. For example, the “Big Bang” explosion which created the universe was such a harmonious and coordinated event that it does not even qualify as a true explosion at all.

It was a matter of revolution. It may be compared to the delicate and unsequenced folding of a rosebud in the morning. Even more fabulously the even end of the spectrum is considered as God’s unmistakable hallmark can be discerned in the DNA of humans.

Millions of people pray every day. But many of them lack true faith in God. They lack confidence and conviction. God, however, is infinitely graceful though we lack our faith in him.

He still continues to help us whenever we are in need and stands by our side in all our bad times. The miracles happen around us though we lack the required insight, intelligence, or spiritual inclination to discern or acknowledge those that occur around us every day.

An extremely convincing and highly scientific study to test whether the prayers are actually answered by God or not. The study was done by a cardiologist Dr.Randolph Byrd in 1988, under the most stringent laboratory conditions at San Francisco General Hospital, USA. 393 patients were under the care of the doctor.

They without their knowledge were split into two groups. The names and medical conditions were given to the group of people who prayed for them regularly. Then, as a result, people being prayed were seen to need 5 times fewer antibiotics than the group which was left unprayed.

But there is a question about a fact when God leaves our prayers unanswered sometimes. This is because we are asking God for something wrong. This is also because we cannot always ask him to move the mountains and maybe we should ask him to give us the courage to climb those mountains.

We should rather ask him for internal strength like courage, determination, Power, Practice, will power and some other things. You don’t need to go far for gaining these things. The mightier God is just a prayer away.