Online Gaming – A necessity or an addiction

With the increase in technological development and industrialization, we have actually become so advanced that we have adopted several very comfortable methods to even find entertainment for us. This includes many things like television, smartphones, social networking, and gaming too. People are so much involved in their daily routines that they do not find it interesting to find some entertainment that is creative and requires a little bit efforts. This is because we are so occupied with the corporate world that we are losing somewhere the culture that we gained from our ancestors. These habits and hobbies though it provides us relief for some time actually causes us a great loss. The habits that we have generated like the use of social networks, gaming etc. Is already alarming the newer generation so as not to be so involved in internet so much.
As we all know computer gaming is really advantageous as far as training of mind is concerned. It provides great intellectual growth. This is because there are several games in which attacks or changes are so random and spontaneous that detecting those changes and crossing each level in the game really sharpens the mind. But on the other side, these are being played on computer screens or mobile phones which have many disadvantages. Already parents are so much stressed about the thing that their children are addicted to phones and social networking and instead of focussing on their career they are wasting their time unnecessarily on computer gaming.
The addiction that is not so easy to get rid of and hazardous in terms of career and studies for children. Moreover, sometimes it can cost the person his whole life. Terrorists or some other people utilize as a tool to harm and fulfill their unjustified wishes. The live example that we have already experienced just a year ago was of a game named as Blue Whale that leads the person to depression and compels them to commit suicide in the last level of the game. It was made available at the play store so that can be accessed easily and people so curiously downloaded and paid the cost of their life and because of this many lives were taken and also destroyed. There was no option of exiting the game until you reach the last stage. It was really hypnotic and children unknowingly suffered the great loss.
Why want such entertainment of the price is too heavy to be paid? Even more not only children sometimes the office bearers which are sitting with heavy responsibility are also engaged in such activities which basically depicts the sense of their carelessness towards their work. All those people who carry these hobbies as habits are suffering themselves and are also making the other people suffer. Recently there had been news which involved the accident of people on roads just because they were accepting a challenge from a stupid video that was made viral online named as Kiki Challenge. Though that was just made for entertaining people still people out of so much enthusiasm took it so seriously that led into many accidents.
Recently a game called PUBG is so much onto the heads of students that even during working, studying or may be driving they carry on playing it leading to eradicating results. The condition has become so worse that even a day without an internet connection is becoming unimaginative. Earlier internet connection was limited and was costly too like 1 GB for a month used to be sufficient for the daily purpose but today the internet usage has so increased that even 1 GB is insufficient for a day. Certain habits need to be cured because it has now become an addiction and is harming the future of the generation as well as the future of the country.
In older times our forefathers used to go to the playground for entertainment and they used to play outdoor games which even made them so fit and also gave their mind a sense of relief. Their ways were old but were profitable in many sense. Now as we have become forever advanced but still outdoor gaming is really beneficial for us too. Thus an effort can be made to make children learn the importance of the outdoor games so that they should also learn to make their body also more immune which would surely benefit them in the future. Online gaming is also advantageous but the harm it causes that overcomes the gains from this. The Internet is a boon because it lets you connect to the world, it can teach many things related to technology but the overuse of anything will surely not be beneficial and that’s what the case here.