Modi Government takes a new role with Aadhar

In very recent, Narendra and its Government has announced a restriction on the use of Aadhar card and its concerned Authority especially Bank and Telecom. According to the Government, a Bank must take the copy of Aadhar Card instead of ration card or passport while a person comes to make an account either saving or current. Similarly, the authority of telecom needs to give the priority on the Aadhar card instead of ration card while one comes to take a mobile connection for his needs. Generally, before this announcement, both of these particular concerns accepted any one of two documents i.e ration card and passport. Moreover, the government also threatened that if any concerned authorities use any document other than Aadhar card, then the government will take immediate action on that, particularly concerned authority. In that case, the accused concern will have to go for payment up to Rs one crore as a fine. Even the punishment can be confirmed confinement in a prison for the duration from three to ten years along with monetary harassment. As a result of that, the management of Telecom and Bank become much more sincere in their dealings.