The #MeToo movement

#metoo is a movement started internationally to empathize with all those individuals who had gone through sexual assaults and harassments. It was accepted widely and people tweeted in millions in just 24 hours. This movement was actually a great step to let other people know about the pathetic harassment they have suffered.

This movement really helped many women to raise their voice against the crime. Those cases which were not even studied or solved and no-one knew about them also come up in front of the public and common people. This has really made easy to know how many people were assaulted and showed the intensity of the problem.

All those women who were not courageous to speak their heart out clearly stated their suffering by seeing other women doing so. This has empowered women in a very positive way.


But it has a darker side too. This is somewhere destroying the career and dignity of the people who are innocent. Certain people are using this as a weapon to fight their personal issues. They are baselessly blaming those people who are not even involved into such crimes. People are blackmailed to fulfill the desires. And it is not only affecting a single individual. It is destroying the whole community. We have here many examples such as an example of a recruiter who was blamed under this hashtag by a woman who used to work in the office. As a result, he has decided not to recruit any more women in his office. This decision would really affect the career of many people.


Secondly, it is also affecting the dignity of males. Rapist or molesters do not belong to any particular gender. They are just inhuman. But when lot many women tweeted with this hashtag it has now become a notion that men rape women and sexually harass them despite the fact that it is totally wrong.

Taking the positive side all those accused who have been tweeted with their names are boycotted and are given their earned punishments and insults. On the other side, certain people use this tagline just to take their personal revenge. The hashtag was to initiate the feeling of empathy but actually, it is now being used to fulfill one’s personal grudges against any person. This thing is actually very disheartening that men are dishonored on no grounds. If also being a victim of this #metoo they have overcome all that insults and would further want to initiate their career, they won’t be able to. Because people at every stage will blame them for what they have never done in their lives. This is a burning problem currently because under this hashtag there are a lot many people who are using it as a weapon to harm such people as well who are not at all guilty.

The examples may include certain celebrities like Nana Patekar, Mr. Aloknath and many more. They are also being accused under the tagline. The movement was started to connect with the victims of harassment but now it has made many people a victim.