iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS Max features

The three recently launched iPhone from Apple named as iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max makes it really difficult for the buyer to choose which one would be the most suitable option according to the need.
Each of the three launches is really good and are worth buying if money is not an issue. Here are certain parameters to distinguish the features of the three iPhones which makes it quite handy for the user to reach the best decision.
• Performance
It is nearly impossible to differentiate the three of the iPhones on the basis of their performances as they all three work on the same processor A12 bionic processor. Each of them has the internal memory structure iPhone XS and XS max have 64GB, 256 GB and 512 GB while iPhone XR has 64GB,128 GB and 256 GB. There is a very little difference in the RAM too with iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max has 4 GB RAM and iPhone XR have about 3GB RAM.
This shows that the most expensive iPhone has an advantage of being a touch better at juggling numerous apps and games but for enjoying such benefits user needs to be a great multitasker. The launch is the most powerful, secure and bug friendly iPhone ever if money is not an object and this is what you actually want.
If the one is upgrading from an older one to the newer launch then it will really be mesmerizing to know that A12 bionic processor is actually a powerhouse. It is the first 7nm used a mobile processor made which goes on sale containing six cones that splits the workload depending on the power requirements and is found to be 15 percent more efficient than the previous generation using 40 percent of less energy. You would not be left wanting for power.
• Battery
There is again no winner in the terms of the battery as well because Apple quoted the time varies. The iPhone XS should last for around 24 hours, the iPhone XS Max for around 25 hours as should the iPhone XR. The internet usage would last for 15 hours in the XR, for around 13 hours in XS Max and for 12 hours in iPhone XS. The extension of battery life as compared to iPhone X is also stated by apple due to the A12 bionic chip and that is around 30 mins out of the iPhone XS and 90 mins more out of the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR.
All the three iPhones have wireless charging that uses Qi standard and fast charging too provided Apple’s fast charger is also bought. Only a standard slow charger comes in the box. With the fast charger, a flat battery will boost up to 50 percent capacity in just 30 minutes. While none of these phones will last much longer than a day or a day and a half if you stay careful, the iPhone XR comes out with the best reviews and results.
• Design and Durability
This is the parameter where the actual differences start. iPhone X has 5.8 inches screen and therefore iPhone XS is considered to be the best handy size for most hands. But if you have been used to an iPhone plus model then it may seem a little small and if you have been using from an even larger Android phone and it will positively feel as cramped at the beginning.
For 1100 Dollars you can get the best screen size model and you will still love the XS more but if you want a little more screen real estate the XS Max is surely a way to go. The iPhone XS Max is much larger and we note in a review an ideal for enjoying video games and watching videos. however, if you possess quite small hands you may have to buy one just to make sure. It is also heavy at 208 grams compared to the 177 grams iPhone XS.
The two XS phones look the same with a glass body, an IP68 water resistance rating a metal chassis, a notch above the screen and a dual-lens vertically mounted the camera on the back. It is only the size that distinguishes them. The iPhone XR fits in the middle. It is 194 grams and has an IP67 water resistance rating, a colorful glass back and slightly thicker bezels around the screen. The notch stays though none of them have a headphone jack or a fingerprint sensor. Apple’s Face ID is used on all three.
The iPhone XS is the best mix although if you have used the iPhone X and seemed it was really small, the XS max is the same deal that was just bigger. While the iPhone XR is really impressive and we love the new colors it does not actually match the class of XS max and XS Max.
• Camera
The dual lens camera is almost same on the iPhone XS and XS Max whichever you choose you get a dual 12-megapixel f/1.8 aperture, wide angle and f/2.4 aperture telephone lenses which provides a 2X optical zoom and portrait mode bokeh shots. The bokeh mode is improved and the HDR feature on the iPhone XS models over the previous versions. Video can be shot in 4K at up to 60 fps. It also includes the necessary hardware for face 1D.


• Display
iPhone XS is the smallest of the three launches with a 5.8 inch super Retina HD OLED panel with a 2436×1125 pixel resolution. The iPhone XS Max has a whopping 6.5-inch version of the same panel this time with a 2688×1242 final resolution.
For 750 dollars, you get the gorgeous edge to edge design, a great camera with portrait mode, a powerful processor and daylong battery life. The XR is by-far the best choice to go with. The iPhone XR fits in between with a 6.1-inch screen but here it is an LCD panel Apple calls a Liquid Retina HD display. The resolution is 1792×828 pixels which are considered a little less for a modern smartphone. The contrast level of iPhone XR is also different due to the use of LCD rather than OLED. While iPhone XR’s LCD is one of the best and we call it “excellent” in our reviews rarely do LCD panels surpass OLED panels when it comes to the viewing experience whether it is navigating the operating system and watching videos.
• Price
Here where the difference lies between the launches.
The iPhone XR starts from 750 dollars and ranges to 900 dollars for 256 GB.
The iPhone XS starts from 1000 dollars and ranges to 1350 dollars for 512 GB.
The iPhone XS Max is 1100 dollars and ranges to 1450 dollars for 512 GB.