iOS 12.1 – Mobile Operating System

The successor of iOS 11, iOS 12 be the twelfth major release by Apple of the mobile operating system. It was firstly announced in June 2018 at the World Developers Conferences. It is aesthetically more or like similar to iOS 11 but surely contains certain improvements in the areas of performance, battery life and security functions as well with some added functionalities within apps. It was released to the user in September 2018.
The first update to the iOS 12 was released in October as iOS 12.1 and then the other two updates as iOS 12.1.1 and iOS 12.1.2 consecutively.
iOS 12.1
This updated mobile operating system was released in October 2018. It included new emoji, a group FaceTime feature, updates to the Measure app and also provides an ability to use an eSIM on supported iPhones.
• Performance
The optimization on performance was actually made in order to speed up common tasks across all the supporting devices. The specimen test was done on iPhone 6 that results to 40 percent faster app launching, 50 percent faster keyboard and also 70 percent faster camera opening.
• IPad
The availability of the Voice Memos and Stock apps were made for the IPads. The control app switches were again separated from the IPad.
• Shortcuts
The application in iOS 12 which is basically designed to allow users to set up shortcuts, automated actions that the user can ask Siri to perform. It replaces the workflow app that is required in March 2017.
• Screen Time
It is a newly introduced feature in the operating system that is to record the amount user spends on the device. This also displays the amount of time the user used the particular apps or the particular app’s categories such as gaming apps etc. and also the number of notifications received. It also provides app blocking features and limits the usage of apps. It can set other restrictions such as on purchases or explicit content. It replaces parental control in the settings and also be used by adults to limit their own ways. These features can easily be used with or without a passcode.
Arkit 2
It allows users to share their opinion with other iOS 12 supported devices. It additionally allows full 2D image tracking and incorporates the ability of 3D tracking.
• Car Play
It can run the third party navigation applications.
App features
• Messages
The message in iOS introduces a new type customizable Animoji called Memoji which provides a user a facility to create a 3D character of themselves. The certain Animoji are also introduced such as Koala, Tiger, Ghost, and T-Rex etc.
• FaceTime
It has gained support for Animoji and Emoji. IOS 12.1 added the ability to include up to 32 people in a FaceTime conversation. This feature is only supported with video by the devices Apple A8 or A9 chip or later it is only supported for audio on iPhone6S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and is not available at all on iPad mini2, iPad mini 3 and iPad Air.
• Measure
It is a new native AR application which allows a user to take certain measurements. It also works on a level which was featured originally in the compass app.
• Photos
It now supports suggestions through ‘For You’ section and will also provide sharing recommendations.
• Notifications
The notifications are now grouped and have a “manage” tab to turn off notifications for that app or to deliver them quietly.
• Do Not Disturb
The operating system now has a feature called “Do Not Disturb During Bedtime” to automatically send notifications to history, send calls to voicemails and has a darker screen to assist sleep. If the user taps on the screen once or when the user’s wake time passes notifications are shown on the screen. When this mode is active notifications and calls will be silenced.
• Voice Memos and Stocks
These apps are also on iPods.Voice Memos and Stacks have had a design refresh, and the latter has integrated Apple News.
• Apple Books
iBook was renamed as Apple Books and the apps are refreshed with a Discover Tab, Bookstore and more.
• Safari
Safari shows an update to intelligent Tracking Prevention. This includes facilities such as to disable social media “like” and “share” buttons.
• Maps
Apple Maps has been rebuilt by relying on first-party data instead of relying on the third party.