How To Overcome Self Doubt and Follow Your Dreams.

Self Doubt is the most common reason why people fail and as it is said Doubts kill more dreams than failure ever will. Many of us are experiencing setbacks and failures in everyday life. Eventually, we get drained, tired, unmotivated, and start treating ourselves with self-doubt.

It is not the outside world that keeps us from realizing our dream, although it can the negative self-talk with oneself is the biggest reason that holds ourselves back and not able to follow our dreams. Self-doubt sounds like the following:

I have nothing special to provide.
So many people are already doing it.
I am not sure I can do this.
What if I fail or just don’t have what it takes?

In life as we try to make things better, they often get harder. There are obstacles, frustrations, negative self-talk, and at times the journey to success feels never-ending.

But there is hope and Burning deep inside there are high achievers who overcome self-doubt and achieved something great in life by following their dreams. It is not about who wanted it or deserved it but it is about who believed in the dreams and worked to make that belief a reality.

So, if you also wanted to overcome self-doubt and follow your dreams then this article is just for you. With the following steps, some intention, and consistency, you can overcome self-doubt from your path to re-crafting your view and start following your dreams.

Beware of Naysayers and Stop Fearing their Opinions:

Naysayers are the one who is constantly telling you and judging your activity. The motivation of the Naysayers can be anything for putting negative thinking in the mind. They could say any of the following things:

You are too young or too old to try that.

That work is not possible or it doesn’t sound safe.

This activity is too hard, there is no way you will succeed.

What will happen if you fail? You will never be able to live your desired life.

One just needs to be aware of this type of opinion from Naysayers and stop hearing about them. Advising you to ignore and stop fearing other opinions can be tempting, but it is easy. Naysayers also have other things to do, so they are not permanently watching or judging you.

If you make a mistake, then there is no need to regretting about it. How you would be able to learn new things if you don’t make a mistake, so quickly forget about it.

Discover and Follow your passion:

One of the most important things is the man should be aware of what he is passionate about because man is only great when he works from passion. Passion is the key that will help you to overcome the doors of self-doubt and able to follow your dreams.

By Discovering the passion you would remain focused on your dream and that energy is incredibly powerful.

After Discovering the passion you need to follow it. Because by following your passion even you get a failure or your first business get flop you might be having the persistence for doing the work and proving yourself. And indeed by discovering and following your passion, you will become a more mature and confident person.

Make Daily Improvements:

As it is said Small steps will defeat the occasional big leaps every time. Both Self-confidence and self-doubt work like a staircase. In the starting, you need self-confidence for growing.

However, once you get to a limit you will get the feeling of self-doubt and started to slowly and gradually falling down from that staircase. So, now you need to find your self-doubt and start working on the same by focusing on daily improvements. These daily improvements can be at least 1%.

In the beginning, start the task which is simple to perform like:

Set aside 30 minutes only every day to work on your dreams.

Put up the plan.

Join the classes or get an online course that is the perfect fit for your dreams.
By working and making improvements daily you will get back on the track of the staircase by diminishing the self-doubt from your mind.

Know and get clear on your why:

If you are trying to overcome self-doubt and wanted to follow your goals then Knowing your why and have a clear vision for the same is a must. The person who has a ‘why’ to live for will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals.

Turning self-doubt into confidence takes time, determination, focus, and get yourself up for the work. The question then arises is how to motivate yourself to perform the task when you are not having the belief in your own capability.

For this, you need something more powerful and stronger which will allow you to overcome your self-doubt and the fear of your why i.e. your own capability. Knowing your way and have a clear vision for it is the greatest motivator that exists. Following are some of the examples of what your ‘why’ could be which helps you to keep fighting for your dreams.

I want to become financially independent and help my parents to finally retire.

I want to live a better life.

I want to become a handful person for many people as I can.

I love what I am doing and want to live in a way that I can devote my entire life to it.

Surround Yourself with people you trust, have a strong support system:
If you surround yourself with people who don’t like change or people that allow you to feel bad about yourself, You will feel bad and this feeling will be added to your self-doubt. So surround yourself with the people you trust which provides you with a strong support system so that you can lean on in challenging situations.

Those are the people who help you to achieve your dreams by pointing you in the right direction, reminding you of your past upliftment and encourage you to move forward, pointing out the flaws in your plan, and provide you advice on how to fix those flaws.

So basically stay away from complainers and you will overcome self-doubt.

Take a Time Out:

Sometimes you feel self-doubt because you are too focused on yourself, negativity talks and comparison then Take a Time out. Even if you have lots of stuff to take care of just take time out from focusing yourself and start focusing on other things. Look at the following cases:

Instead of asking, what if I flop the presentation, ask yourself how can I make my presentation fun and informative for the audience.

Instead of asking, what if nobody purchases my services, ask yourself How can I make sure that my services help others to solve their problems.
When you just take a time out from focusing yourself on a different scenario it will help to end the self-doubt and provides you with a clearer vision in life.

It is okay to feel self-doubt and accept that you are going to feel self-doubt at certain times. Allow yourself to accept this feeling and have no judgment towards it. Felling Self-doubt is a sign that you are trying something new or pushing towards your dream.

Just remember that you are way more than you think, but it might take time to find your inner voice. So take action and invest yourself in what is closest to your heart and don’t worry about the failures. Just remember that Teacher has failed more times than the student has even tried.