European Union shapes the visionary strategy towards India

A joint commission was adopted by the European Commission along with High representatives for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy where EU came up in front with the strategy to encourage and empower the cooperation and partnership with India. The High Representative/Vice President Frederica Mogherini said, “India is a key player in our interconnected world” and in addition to this, the EU’s vision was that they want further reinforce the political, economic and people to people tie with India in order to address the global challenges altogether. This will also promote economic growth and will also increase the number of business opportunities. They further stated that EU and India are committed to seize the opportunities to support effective multilateralism and solutions whenever stability and peace are in danger.
The Cooperation 2007-2013 stated earlier that there are disparities in standards of living and unemployment rate is high and minorities continue to suffer from a disproportionate lack of basic needs and services such as basic education, primary healthcare or safe drinking water. India would also get benefits from EU’s regional and thematic programmes, providing grant support to various organizations.

Coming after years this Joint Commission replaces the last commission communication on India of 2007 that India has emerged now as the fastest growing large economy and has also adopted an important geopolitical role. The Commission and the High Representative gave a proposal that the European Union engages more regularly with India as an emerging global power and with a key role in the current multiple worlds. The EU’s most important objectives with India lies in the implementation of global economic governance and effective multilateralism. They moreover addressed the challenge of sustainable development and modernization and here European Commission will look to work with India more closely with these bilateral agenda, as well as to solve the other global changes such as climate change, ocean governance, and a rules-based global trade regime. The Strategic Partnership Agreement with India which was negotiated with Joint Communication that proposed EU’s possibility is also available online as well as the full press release, a detailed memo, and fact sheets are also available online.
The EU’s Commission meeting came up with many other conclusions such as-
• It welcomed council position on European Defence Fund.
• EU Plastics Strategy was also stated that the voluntary pledges from industry to boost the market for recycled plastics and will encourage further actions.
• Commission also released the annual reports on SME performances.
• Commission clears the acquisition of joint control of Brookfield Brazil Retail Fund by PSPIB, Brookfield, Quad Real, and BREP.
• The projects on digital Broadband was approved and approved to boost investments in high capacity networks.
• Commissioner Gabriel participates to high-level roundtable which aimed at boosting the use of blockchain technology.
• Commissioner Journal was to attend High-Level Conference of the Australian Presidency on the fight against anti-Semitism in Europe.
• Commissioner Hahn at the EU-Majalat Forum 2018 -enhancing cooperation between the EU and Civil Society organizations from the southern Mediterranean.
• Commissioner Hahn at the Annual Forum of the Alpine Strategy dedicated to empowering the young generation.