Double standard reactions on Deepika-Ranveer wedding


The most waited and adorable wedding that has happened a few days back was the cynosure besides other events. They tied a knot on a vacation planned and only a few close relatives were invited to the ceremony. Their marriage took place at two different places as following two different cultures-south Indian as well as the north Indian one too. The fans are so much excited and are also tweeting at Twitter with immense excitement. The couple is also regarded as the best couple of the decade by the crowd.


But the actual matter of discussion is that why people do not appreciate the common people wedding ceremony as much as they are celebrating the ceremony of celebrities? For example, if a middle-class family organizes a wedding in a way they have done by not inviting many guests to their place people start tagging that family as uncultured. Because according to the outsiders, there was something that has to be hidden from the society.

Why is this so? Why do people start showing their double standard when it comes to celebrities or any political leader? Why is there a gap between their mindset for common people? It is also seen many times that if any well-known singer sings an absurd song which is not good at lyrics, composition or at singing too is still given very much exposure because the person who is singing is really famous among the public whereas a singer who is struggling hard and sings really a marvelous song is not given that exposure which he deserves. The movies of the already established actors which actually do not have any great concept are appreciated more than the movies of new actors with an amazing script. The main drawback is within the crowd. If any good concepts are encouraged it should be encouraged at society level also. So that the gap which is there between the leaders and the common people would lessen. The movies based on technologies and good cultural background should be promoted so as to encourage the new upcoming generation. New ideas should be adopted so as to bring a considerable change in the society. If new ideas new talents would be encouraged in the way as the famous ones are appreciated then wonders can happen within the country.

This encouragement at society level would definitely boost up the confidence of people who are struggling hard to achieve what they want to gain. This will stop people leading to depressions and will help in the development of the nation. Society should know what is to be encouraged and exposed much more.


People should not discriminate their behavior towards the two sections. The things that are to be appreciated should be appreciated at every place not only when it comes to a celebrity or any leader. They should be the role model for such new ideas but it should be accepted widely. These people are implementing and showcasing the best that they can. But it is the responsibility of the new generation to adopt the new trend and grow at their level. They serve as role model to get inspired and motivated so that the youth of the country be encouraged and should definitely help the society grow. A lot many little changes will bring a drastic change and change will come by appreciating the talent.