Depression- Causes, and Cure

Depression is a disorder which causes a sudden lack of interest and interference in anything and a feeling of sadness. Depression is not so unknown term to the people nowadays because most of the people in the country are unknowingly suffering from depression and they do not even know the problem they are facing. The ignorance towards the problem leads to a greater stage where it becomes nearly impossible to cope up and leads to the ultimate death.
The state of depression is not only limited to the people of higher age but also have become a common issue among teenagers. The children of small age are a victim to this because of the frustration from their schedule or their studies at school. It has increased up to such a level that children do not want to interact with their parents because they make an opinion in themselves that their parents don’t understand them as they are being scolded every time. This takes the children away from their guardians emotionally leading to greater mental disorders which are not easy to recover soon. For instant relief teenagers sometimes starts smoking, drinking or consuming which is more harmful than being alone and depressed. Just because they cannot share their problems with anyone they start taking the help of various drugs which has the capability of destroying their whole future and career. Ultimately the scenario which they face they keep blaming their parents for that despite knowing the fact that even they themselves did not ever try to talk about their problems to anyone. In most of the cases, this may also happen that parents are not interested to know what things are actually bothering their children. When the problem hinders with the grades then parents themselves make it an issue, scolds them, hit them or will forcefully make them join tuitions or coaching. This despite lowering the burden on the victim, enhances the pressure on the child and if he fails to manage this well, parents start thinking that their child is a stupid one. The child himself gets weakened so much that he cannot even explain where the problem lies.
As far as teenagers are concerned they are also affected because of the pressure they face regarding their career and their future goals. The first reason can be the schedule when student starts preparation of any professional courses such as engineering, medical etc. then along with attending the school it becomes really difficult for the students to manage the things properly and secondly if the ward himself does not want to join those courses and they are forced to join them due to frustration they lead to severe depression. Because parents forcefully get their child admitted and make him do what they want him to do and if he fails to score well or qualify the exams, they treat them as a dumb one because of which child feels that he has lost his parent’s support and will never be able to gain that back. Eventually, he also fails to express his real wishes or goals because he is scared that his parents won’t ever allow him for that. This makes the person weak and he does not even become capable of facing the world outside which sometimes make the child to commit suicide. The teenagers are more prone to bad habits and bad friendship. Their minds can be manipulated very easily. They can start using harmful drugs and can easily attain bad habits which can be very dangerous.
For the people who are young and matured there are many cases to get depressed because they in the corporate world they face many problems day to day. They get frustrated and becomes incapable of handling their family problems and do not pay much attention to the condition of their children, parents or wife. For them earning money and being successful becomes the only priority in their life. They stop interacting with their family. As a result, they lead to depression and ultimately they get parted from their family.
There are many ways to avoid the stage of depression. The outings with the family or tours with the family can make the minds really light and wash out the frustration from the minds. This outing can refresh the minds of the whole family which would lighten the burden. The children should be liable to choose the career of their own choice then they would surely be able to learn things well.
Depression is a burning problem because people all around the globe are facing such problems which ultimately spoils the whole family. Meditation and exercises can prove a good healing remedy for this. This also helps to refresh the minds. The problem can be avoided with little efforts and can save many lives and will surely help in the development of the country because it will heal the future generation and will open up their minds for greater innovation and creativity.