Best desk LED lamp you can buy on Amazon-Buyers guide and review.

There was a time when people use a lantern or small bulb for studying and doing all other kinds of stuff, but due to the drastic advancement in technology, it is crucial to have good lighting at your desk. It is helpful to go through all over the stuff without affecting your eyes.

There are many different types of desk lamp available in the market with all kind of styles, but the best are LED lamp which makes the most use of lighting technology and is stylish, versatile and energy-efficient.

LED’s are Light-emitting diodes that have to make the revolutionary advancement in technology and are available in different sizes and shapes. LED’s Lamp is cool to the touch and provides 10 times more energy while comparing to the Incandescent bulb lamps and LED’s lamp lasts up to 25 times longer.

With Desk LED lamps you can make your desk a perfect place for working by just bringing a basic requirement which will helpful for preventing tiredness and eyesight and helps to brighten your ideas with creativity.
Factors affecting the LED lamp Buying Process:

Desk LED lamp comes in various shapes and sizes. But the major factor that affects is the Personal preference is it for reading, office use, Studying, Quality of the performance, Energy Saving, Durability with other preferences and the other factor major factor which affects is Demographic variables which mainly consists of Age as a factor and Budget. Due to this process, it becomes so confusing but that’s where we come in as your mentor to guide you with the best-LED desk lamp you can buy on Amazon.

Things to consider while buying Desk LED Lamp:

Buying a desk led lamp should not be a major cumbersome process like buying a laptop. However, it does not mean to purchase any LED Lamp which provides only good lighting. Desk LED Lamp helps for various kinds of stuff like reading, Studying, Computer work, and others. For these following things are to be considered:

Purchase high-quality Fixture: One should purchase high-quality light and which should be long-lasting. For these two things, CRI and Color Temperature should be considered.

CRI: It refers to a Color Rendering Index measures the quality of light color and the standard for buying the best desk led lamp it should have CRI between 80 to 95.

Colour Temperature: Apart from CRI one should take into consideration color temperature which is a measure of light appeared and should be between 2700k to 6500k.

Adjustable: One should buy a desk led lamp which is easy to adjustable from its head and arm. The adjustable desk led lamp helps to protect you from high heat and allows you to perform fine in the major tasks and minimizing other alternatives.

Right Size: According to the length of the desk one should pick the size of the lamp. As a theory, the lamp should never be positioned where its light fell directly to the eyesight because it affects the visionary in the long term and provides low light for the work area. To preserve precious desk space also Right size for the lamp is mandatory.

From Best overall, Best Budgetary, Best traditional Design to Best for eyesight and Best High-End we have covered it all for the Best LED desk Lamp you can buy on Amazon.

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp
Best traditional LED Lamp.


Best For Reading, Working, and Studying.
Energy Efficient: Saves energy by 75%
Battery Lifespan: 50,000 Hours.
Colour Temperature: 2700 to 6000 Kelvin.
CRI: 90

Reasons to Buy:

• Wireless Charging
• USB-A Charging Port
• Adjustable in 45, 90, 135 to 180degree angles.
• Solid Look with energy-efficient LED.

Reasons to Avoid:

• Takes time to adjust in different modes.
• Takes up major desk space.

This is the Best Traditional LED desk lamp in the market. It is really pretty cool for the persons who spend major time on the desk for reading, Studying, Doing Paperwork or spending major time on the computer. There are so many different ways you can adjust it to be exactly how you want it.

It consists of the slider on the front which gives you any of the seven different brightness levels from lowest to highest and five color modes. Color modes help to change the color of light from how blue you want according to the needs like working in the night to studying and doing other stuff in the morning.

Not only that it has a lot to do other than Seven brightness levels to Five different Color modes. The base of the lamp is very nicely designed and has a USB charging port so you can charge your phone and keep it within the reach and it is ready to roll. There is a lot to like about TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp with its super well-designed functions to design.

Wipro Garnet 6W LED Desk Lamp
Best High End LED Desk Lamp.
Best For Studying and Reading.
Energy Efficient: Saves Energy by 80%.
Battery Lifespan: Five Times higher than the normal bulb.
Colour Temperature:6500 Kelvin.

CRI: Greater than 80.

Reasons to Buy:

• Best for students for less activity.
• Touch Switch
• Flexible Design.

Reasons to Avoid:

• No provision for a rechargeable.
• Longevity of the product can’t be predictable

Wipro Garnet is best for the students and basic household needs. It comes up with 3-grade dimming to modify the brightness with the color changing from cool daylight, to neutral light, to warm light which is pretty cool and it is the best advantage of buying a Wipro Garnet Desk LED Lamp.

The light of the lamp can be easily adjustable according to the needs due to its flexible gooseneck. Wipro Garnet LED desk Lamp consists of the adapter for charging with 6 watts and 220-240 Voltage. This LED lamp has soft and glare-free light. However, the Color Temperature is not according to the standards but for that price, it is the best lamp to buy for students.

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

TaoTronics Metal LED Desk Lamp
Best Overall LED Lamp in Style and Functionality
Best For Any Occasion.
Energy Efficient: Saves Energy by 85%.
Battery Lifespan: More than 55,000 Hours.
Colour Temperature: 3000 to 6000 Kelvin.
CRI: Greater than 90.

Reasons to Buy:

• Highly Efficient for any activity.
• Solid Contemporary Look.
• Easily Adjustable in Color and lighting.
• Ismart USB Charging port.
Reasons to Avoid:
• More Expensive.
• Tilting danger backward.

TaoTronics Metal LED Desk Lamp is the best Jaw-dropping lamp that combines style and functionality together. It consists of a touch-sensitive panel control that controls the on and off switch. The design of the LED Lamp is kept modern which reminds a bit of the classic Apple design. The flexibility of the lamp cannot be utilized as it is not rotatable. However, the base of the lamp and arms can be adjusted back and forth for about 135 degrees.

This LED Lamp is very bright but it won’t affect the eyesight due to its multitude of brightness and other CCT options. TaoTronic Metal LED Desk Lamp comes under 25 different light modes with five different brightness levels consists of 3000k, 3500k, 4000k, 5000k, and 6000k.

From studying, working, Sleeping this LED Lamp can be adjustable according to any occasion due to its killer features. The built-in smart USB charging port will help to charge your smartphones effectively and keep it right under your reach. It also preset its settings and reboots accordingly it is the perfect LED Lamp for all occasions which functions as more than just a Lamp.

Philips Air 5-Watt LED Lamp
Best Budgetary LED Desk Lamp.


Best For General Lighting, Reading, office work.
Energy Efficient: Saves Energy up to 80%
Battery Lifespan: At least 25,000 hours.
Colour Temperature:6500 Kelvin.
CRI: Near to 80.

Reasons to Buy:

• Sleek, Durable and Stylish
• Highly Affordable.
• Ample Light.

Reasons to Avoid:

Slightly Low Quality.
• No Battery Backup
• Longevity cant is predictable.

Philips Air 5 watt LED Desk Lamp is an effective option for all the General needs of an individual. This LED Lamp is the perfect fit if you are looking for a long lasting product at the cheapest price. Philips Air LED Desk Lamp comes with less than 80 CRI which is not as per the standard but it ensures you that it will make all the crafting and drawing projects look as per the standard.

The best advantage of Philips Air is it saves up to 80% of the energy compared to the standard bulb which will help for more saving and less electricity bill. Philips Air LED heats only 20% compared to Incandescent bulb due to this it stays cool even after long usage.

However it has certain major limitations like no battery back up means it cant be used without electricity and no USB Portal like other LED Lamps, But the Budgetary price of the product makes it value for money and overcomes all the major limitations.

Philips LED Cap Desk Lamp
Best Environment-Friendly LED Lamp with Ease of Eyes.


Best For Reading, Studying, and other works.
Energy Efficient: Saves Energy up to 80%
Battery Lifespan: Around 30,000 Hours.
Colour Temperature:6500 Kelvin
CRI: 80

Reasons to Buy:

• Superior for EyeCare.
• Excellent Thermal Management
• Less Glare.
• Energy Saving and Long Lasting.

Reasons to Avoid:

• Brightness cannot be Adjustable.
• Too Bright, not suitable for long-duration Studies.
• No Battery Backup.

The Philips Cap LED Desk Lamp is designed in a classic manner with flexible gooseneck. Due to its material of Aluminium Heat sink, it works long-lasting. This Philips LED lamp has no harmful ultraviolet rays which makes it safe for use. While Comparing with normal incandescent bulbs it saves up to 80% of energy. For a cooler surrounding Philips, the Cap LED Desk lamp includes Less Thermal Emission to the work area.

Due to its main feature of Non-Visible Flickering, the Philips Cap LED Desk Lamp helps the users to stay focused for a longer time. There are major Limitations like it useless without electricity, Based upon its quality its highly expensive, it doesn’t have a different level of brightness and the same cannot be adjustable. However, it is Environment-friendly and safe for the eyesight and some other unique features which helps Philips Cap LED Desk Lamp to sustain in the market for a longer time and making it a Good to buy LED Lamp Product.

From our Buyers Guide and reviews for the Best desk LED Lamp you can buy on Amazon we are sure that you would be able to pick the best-LED lamp and light up your desk according to your personal preference and budget.