Anand Mahindra appreciates women daily struggles:

It doesn’t take any longer for the posts from any popular figure to become a trend on Twitter the same has happened to the post of Mr. Mahindra this week.

In the latest Twitter post of Anand Mahindra, the chairman of the Mahindra group appreciated women and the post has gone viral among the people. He was babysitting his one-year-old grandson when he was on the duty of taking care, he acknowledged the difficulties women are facing on a daily basis.

It is a harsh reality that women are facing troubles in managing their house life and work life. They have to work twice in comparison to the men in this man governing work society just to get the recognition. This makes it quite difficult for a woman to get the success they are willing to have in their life.

Not every man understands the responsibility that a woman has to take each day and work to achieve success in both the house and workplace. Taking care of babies, cooking food each day before going to the office coming back from the office, taking care of teenagers, and taking the responsibilities of every family member. There are many people who believe that it is the job of a woman to take care of the family and households irrespective of the fact that they are working or not working. Everyone should understand that it is the responsibility of both men and women to take care of the house and to work together in making sure they are having a safe life.

As he mentioned on his Twitter handle he has been helping to babysit his grandson for a week it brought home the reality of difficulties women are facing and he mentioned that I salute each and every working woman & acknowledge that they have attained success by putting in a great amount of effort in comparison to their male counterparts. After posting this in a short while itself the post went viral with many people coming forward in appreciating the post.

Twitter was flooded with tweets and many mentioned that it was necessary to put forward the reality of woman’s everyday life. They work twice in comparison to men in order to get the required recognition in their working sector.

One remarkable tweet in repose to Mr. Mahindra’s appreciation post was “now I hope organizations as well realize this and not just put the policies in pdf which don’t really change any ground realities or the barriers that we face every single day at the workplace”

Mr. Mahindra made sure that his message reaches the reader’s straightway with the use of simple words he made his message speak loud and clear. Each woman has her own problems and the man should understand the situations and problems that a woman has to go through in order to keep everything maintained. This man governing a society has to turn a little free and let the woman be in charge of their work instead of provoking and asking for no excuse work.

women are facing troubles in managing their house life and work life.