Aadhar KYC authentication in offline comes easy with a QR code

For Aadhar user benefit with a tight security that keeps a layer of privacy, very recent UDAI has introduced a unique system with QR code that focuses a non-sensitive details such as name, address, date of birth and even photo and the code comes easily to be used at the time of offline user verification without any need of 12 digits authentic number.
Nowadays, in India, the use of Aadhar card has been increasing among the people and it has become the most used nationality based ID for all kind of works and. But it is obvious that with the use of 12 digit number, the privacy of a person is not kept hidden completely. In that regards, with an upgraded system, UDAI has brought that mentioned system with QR code to keep the personal details safe and secured. With that easy and handy system, a user will be benefited at the time of mobile connection or taking delivery from online shopping.
From the user side, a person needs to download his biometric ID with QR code from the authentic site of UDAI and he can blacken 12 digit number for his safety. For his betterment, he can go in offline use the barcode which is QR code which hides full information of the person. The barcode gives the full information when it comes close to a readable machine. For an example, when a delivery man from an online shopping company comes to a person just to deliver his product, for the person’s identity, he needs to ask the person to show his or her Aadhar card. With the readable machine used on the barcode, he can identify the person with his details like photo, the name with address. As a result of that, the person needs not to give the biometric of his own with a figure trip.
According to Ajay Bhushan Pandey, CEO of UDAI, offline OR code in Aadhar using will become a fruitful way of development that might allow everyone to establish his or her identity at the time verification with disclosing Aadhar number. He also remarked that every Indian citizen has to go under the authentication procedure for his or her necessary official works, like the works of a bank, mobile sim processing or while availing subsidy as the work needs the authentication process of the person under the rules of India Government.